Shipping – Overseas Shipping and Freight Needs.

In a world that is shrinking due to improved transport and communication infrastructure, we find ourselves increasingly doing business with people and business in other countries. Flying to meetings and speaking with overseas people over the phone is easier and more affordable than ever, meaning that doing business is also a lot easier. Trade agreements with certain countries also make it easier for businesses to do business with overseas companies, further encouraging them to expand their interests into other countries. This will often involve importing or exporting a large amount of goods, and cargo shipping and airliners traverse the globe every single day with cargo loads some from one business to another in a different part of the world.


How should you go about choosing the freight company that is right for you though? Which companies offer the best value for money? Which can you rely on to deliver safely and in a timely manner? Which offer the best in additional services such as direct collection or delivery? There are many freight companies out there vying for your business, and some offer a better service than others do. It can be difficult sometimes to know which company is the one that will serve your needs best.

Listening to Your Needs

While a lot of freight business can lose sight of their customer’s business requirements and even sometimes their own goals, Polonia Group is determined to keep our pulse on the market to deliver services that are just what the client needs. Business environments can be very dynamic, especially when doing business between different nations, and we strive to keep up with different business climates to continue to bring you the best service that we possibly can. While our competitors might get left behind with changes in the market and changes in rules and regulations, we will endeavour to keep one step ahead.

Polonia Group will also strive to offer a wide range of services so that all businesses are catered for, no matter how large or small their shipments may be. Our prices take into account the cost effectiveness for shipments of different sizes as we aim to provide the best value for money that you will find anywhere.

Services for Personal Shipping

If you are moving to another country and you wish to take some of your furniture and other belongings with you, then Polonia Group are happy to help. Our experience in shipping personal items safely and securely means that you can count on us to deliver them to their destination in the same condition that they left. Speak to our team about our personalised services  and we could even have the shipment delivered directly to your door meaning that you don’t have to deal with collection and dealing with customs yourself. Our professional team knows exactly what they are doing so if you are not familiar with shipping and are unsure of what needs to be done, you can put your confidence in us.